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Out of the ordinary designs

This week seemed to be the week for new and different.  Different graphics than we've done before and definitely different text requests.  Here's a sample. 

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A new toy

I've been pressuring Gary to finish more slabs so we have them prepped and ready to sell, and he said sure, if I can have a new sander.  Since I'm in charge of finances and Gary has a tendency to be a kid in a candy store when it comes to tools, gadgets and very [...]

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Getting restocked

We spent a few days last week getting restocked.  Boxes, shipping labels and wood, all were running precariously low.   And of course they were all in different directions.  Wednesday we started out going south to accomplish 5 things.  Only one of them was accomplished on the 1st try.  We wanted to stop at a [...]

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New Sign Holder

We currently offer the smallest hook shown here.  We ordered a few of the very largest (shown on the left) and offer them only on our jgwoodsigns.com website, and they haven't sold too well.  But they won't fit all of our signs and are difficult for us to ship as they come in only 2 [...]

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Changing seasons

We seem to have moved into the busy season, as the weather has moved into real spring weather for the northern states.    Trees are budding and blooming and people's thoughts must be turning to camping and being outdoors, finally!  We have been on the move from our Florida location, up to Savannah for a 3 [...]

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Processing the wood slabs

My task today was to brush off and pick out the moss and debris from our wood slabs in getting them ready to coat with Spar Urethane.  It was tedious, almost like cleaning teeth, but very satisfying.       The weather never seems to be ideal when we take on the task of prepping the [...]

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Getting the website up and running

Wow!  And double wow!  Getting this website up and running is a real eye-opener!  I never realized we had so many styles and options.   Who knew buying a sign could be this complicated.  Wood type font type graphic choice and add ons, so very easy right?  Well it seems as though there might be hundreds of [...]

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