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Dog bone RIP Remberance


We have had numerous requests for dog bone add on signs that reflect that the dog has passed away. We've done a little halo over the name, angel wings, an infinity sign, and now a small Rest in Peace notification over the name. This variation seems to work better with most lengths of names so I'm posting a new listing so people can purchase this one without having to figure out a way to signify their passing. 

https://jgwoodsigns.com/carved-camp-sign-pet-name-dog-bone-add-on-wooden-name-sign-dog-bone-with-pawprints-jgwoodsigns-personalized-sign/ Please PIN Like and Share to those friends with pets, who would like to remember them with a carved sign.

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New add on board for guests at your campsite!

We've added a unique board for visitors to your site, a child's sleepover friend, a grand dog visiting while camping, a grandmother or grandfather, who is invited on the trip. You can customize this by writing the name of your choice in chalk, then simply erasing it for the next campsite guest!http://jgwoodsigns.com/chalkboard-custom-carved-camp-sign-…/Please like or share [...]

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Busy time!

It's been a busy week, so things other than writing a blog take priority, things like getting more boxes and styrofoam wrap, taking apart the new sign holders we travelled last week to Pennsylvania to procure, and preparing them for packaging for shipping size.  We box, label, paint, sand, and cut sign shapes as well [...]

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Another prep day.

Hailey, a family member, practices new skills with the drill pulling the powder coated eyes out of it's fixture.  Hailey the tool-man!

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October is prep month for Christmas Sales!

We have been busy making signs and getting to know our new Big Bertha machine. Life has definitely gotten a little less stressful, than the first three weeks of me designing in the new software program.Gary has been busy running the machine, getting organized and getting prepped for hellaciously rapid Christmas sales. [...]

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Moving the machine

We started yesterday around 9:30am and finished up close to 6pm.  What a day!  Between each photo was about 30 minutes worth of work.  Notice the rotation and orientation of the machine.  Each time we rotated I was wondering if this feat was ever going to come off with just the two of us.  But [...]

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Another new machine.

Unfortunately after we unboxed the last new machine and put it together, we found out that the machine we bought didn't have all the functions we thought we were getting.  It sat for about 30 days unused, and finally we bit the bullet and contacted the company we bought it from and asked to return [...]

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New colored graphics

We got a request for a new colored graphic this week that I'm a little excited about.  A colored trout!  Who knew what could excite me!  I've posted a listing on this website as well as the cedar website.  Here's a view:  http://jgwoodsigns.com/colored-campfire-and-trout-graphic-custom-camping-sign-great-fathers-day-present-with-sign-holder-option/

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New carving machine

This is a year of moving forward with new things.  New ways of doing things and new things to do them with.  Last month we got new sign holders and this month we got a new machine.  And boy is it a monster of a beast.  Three huge boxes just barely fit in the back [...]

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Restocking supplies

We've been trying for a while to get away from the China made sign holders and get a design that works better for our signs, and it's finally here!  We traveled all day Wednesday to pick them up.  19 hour drive there and back and it was well worth it.  We saved the shipping cost [...]

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