Moving the machine

Posted by Joyce on Sep 20 2015

We started yesterday around 9:30am and finished up close to 6pm.  What a day!  Between each photo was about 30 minutes worth of work.  Notice the rotation and orientation of the machine.  Each time we rotated I was wondering if this feat was ever going to come off with just the two of us.  But thanks to our handy dandy hand truck and a new gadget a hydraulic motorcycle lift, we made it happen!

In the car!  A nice tight fit!

 My comments to Gary - and just how do you think that's magically going to fit on those two little arms? 

And with a couple two by fours and some very long bolts, magic, the arms extended. 

But it did fit, thanks to the magic of sliding on cardboard.  

The long drive up the driveway.  Notice the size difference between the size of the machine and the size of the door!

Notice the orientation change which made my heart pound.  I was thinking at that point in time - this operation will never go down!

Well it looks like I missed a couple of important photos, taking off a panel with the doors to the carport, wheeling through the narrow path in the carport and up the ramp, into the back door.  This was the point my heart was really thudding and probably the point that took more than 30 minutes between photos.  However, Gary had confidence that the two of us COULD move this 350 lb machine up 3 steps and into the back work room successfully.  His comment, it's not any more heavy than a side by side refrigerator, and I've moved those many times!  Well I haven't!  And I'm not your average line backer material either!  But as you can see in the next photo we made it inside with actually very little huffing and puffing.  The only time I was really not sure was when Gary was at the top of the ramp, and decided I was very little help at the bottom and decided we would switch places.  It was up to me to hold on to the machine and not let it roll down the hill into our neighbor's yard while he went through the house and out the front door and around to the back.  But I left him in the same position while he held the machine in place and I retraced his steps to the interior!

And the rest of it was done maneuvering in very tight places, only about as wide as the actual hand cart itself!

The doorway carpet caused us more issues than the ramp up to the door!  Placed it on the pre-assembled stand!  And we were almost there.  Thank heavens for rollers on everything. 

And then backed into it's little tiny corner and the rest of the equipment back into place. 

Now all we have to do is master the software for this beast and we are good to go!  A day of rest will follow for sure!  If anyone is interested in the machine itself click on the link at the bottom of the page at