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Outdoor Wooden Retreat Sign Custom Cabin Lake Cottage JGWoodsigns GuyLou


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Outdoor Wooden Signs  Walleye Oval  Retreat  Sign - Medium Wood Slab Oval with Outer Bark - Custom Carved Cabin Lake Cottage Sign - Dad Gift JGWoodsigns Wood Camper Sign GuyLou

Outdoor Wooden Signs - Our ovals vary in size, this one could be from 9-11" high and 12-14" wide.  Your choice of graphic and text.  Lettering is blackened.  Included hooks and chain for hanging.  




Outdoor Wooden Signs Process

Our wood slabs start with a trip to Northern Michigan to select freshly cut and kiln dried wood slabs. Sometimes depending on the time of year this can be a challenge all by itself. We have to dig around an unlighted barn with our flashlights to select just the right shapes and grain variations for our wood slabs.

Once we've brought them back, we clean off nature from the outer bark, various lichen moss and ferns grow on the bark and just become debris in the urethane process if not removed first.

We run the wood slabs through the planer, and that's where the grain really becomes noticeable and the beauty begins to shine through. At this point the wood slabs are very light and clear, almost paper white.

We set up a canopy so that nature doesn't do her best to provide us with more sticking leaves and flying debris when we apply the urethane finish. That's where the grain comes out and the wood slabs take on an amber hue.

Getting the wet and sticky wood slabs to the 2nd canopy staged in our storage area requires great care moving through the doorways with 2 wet sticky heavy wood slabs, one in each arm, and then hanging each without putting down the 2nd wood slab. Yes our acrobatic routine is worthy of a u-tube video.

Sometimes after drying for several weeks, we size and stack the slabs according to size and outer shape. Sometimes they sell faster than we can get to that process.

Our slabs require a different process for securing on the carving machine because of their varied outlines, than our regular signs so we only carve them once every 3-4 weeks. We do not switch over the process during the Christmas rush, or Father's Day rush. Please order a month earlier than normal during those periods.

After being carved, we reseal with urethane, so no sealer is necessary after you receive your sign.

We have grown enough to be busy all year round. We are no longer taking special event requests for delivery less than 3 weeks out. Please order well in advance of your gift giving date. Christmas orders should be placed prior to November 1st.

Outdoor Wooden Signs by JGWoodSigns