Getting the website up and running

Getting the website up and running

Posted by Joyce on Feb 15 2014

Wow!  And double wow!  Getting this website up and running is a real eye-opener!  I never realized we had so many styles and options.   Who knew buying a sign could be this complicated.  Wood type font type graphic choice and add ons, so very easy right?  

Well it seems as though there might be hundreds of variations of all those combined and it's my job to sort them out and make them all available to everyone in a logical and concise manner.  As the designer in this duo logical and concise are not words in my vocabulary!

So I'm immersed in dog bones and travel trailers and text lengths and shipping weights and photos and option sets (did I even know what an option set was before last Thursday?) and tag words and meta tags and photos that are all the same size and shape and Canadian postal rates and US postal rates and OMG am I forgetting something?  Yes!  The text box for the most vital information - what do you want carved on your sign!?!

Well all in good time.  It's definitely a learning experience and while everything may not be perfect for a very long time at least there's a comment box on the order form to explain everything that's not as it should be.  So onward to see what amazing things can happen when combining a few hundred options. 

Until next time, call me website guru in training.