Personalized Gifts Wood Slab Oval Carved Sign with Outer Bark Custom Carved Sign Camping Sign with Sign Holder option JGWoodSigns Etsy Cabin Sign SnowedInn

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Personalized Gifts Wood Slab Oval Carved Sign  with Outer Bark - Custom Carved Sign Camping Sign with Sign Holder option JGWoodSigns Etsy Cabin Sign

Our ovals vary in size, this one could be from 9-10" high and 16-18" wide.  Your choice of graphic and text.  Lettering is blackened.  Included hooks and chain for hanging.  

The 3 pc. 41" Round Garden Holder has a round pole and the pieces screw together with no set screw for a seamless line. It will accommodate signs up to 18" wide, with 5 or fewer add ons below it. Very sturdy! Very easy to put together and easy storage. 3pcs. Storage space needed is 8" x 20".




Personalized Gifts Wood Slab Oval process

Our process is quite different than what you might experience with crafters who make signs on the spot at a fair or craft event.   We use the Black Willow wood slabs. They are prepped in advance, cleaned up of moss and dirt, planed smooth and coated with Spar Urethane.   

We use professional sign paint for our borders and lettering.   Because of it's composition it takes a long time to dry, and therefore our total process takes at least 3 days and sometimes up to 5 or 7 days.   How long our signs take depends on the humidity level, and the humidity level depends on where we are making the signs at the time.   We like to travel.   So many summers we are living in our RV and making signs in our work trailer.  Humidity levels can vary widely during the summer camping season.   It just takes a little longer to get the wood right before we carve.  

Once the sign is carved and the lettering is blackened, we paint any color graphics by hand along with paw prints.   Therefore some of our graphics are limited to the size they are shown in the example, and can't be squeezed into smaller spaces, if we are to hand paint them. RV units with all their details get very very small spaces to paint, and we've given up on trying to do that.

Gary then assembles the parts to the signs, along with another two coats of spar urethane. They dry again overnight and I pack and ship along with printing the labels. One or both of us makes the trip to the Post Office, or if we are in an ideal location, our postal carrier picks them up and they are off to their destination.

All of this takes more time than people expect, and it is very hard to predict in advance, the exact number of days it will take to produce a sign. Of course that calculation is also dependent on what comes before your sign, and whether the humidity and wood cooperate for the 10 signs before yours as well.

We have grown enough to be busy all year round.   We are no longer taking special event requests for delivery less than 2 weeks out.  Please order well in advance of your gift giving date.   Christmas orders should be placed prior to November 20th.  We do not accept requests for Express shipping. 

Personalized Gifts Wood Slab by JGWoodSigns

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